A list of resources I have found valuable.

  • Resource Description
    DataCamp Website with many interactive courses with videos and exercises
    DataCamp Community A section of DataCamp that is free and community driven
    Rstudio Webinars A repository of Rstudio hosted webinars covering many data science and programming topics
    Rstudio Education Rstudio's website for learning and teaching R and data science
    R for Data Science A great online book for learning how to use R for data analysis and programming
    tidyverse The official tidyverse website
  • Resource Description
    R Packages A nice guide to building packages in R
    Advanced R A for learning advanced programming in R
    purrr Enhancing functional programming (e.g. write better for loops)
  • Resource Description
    ggplot2 Awesome visualizations
    DiagrammeR A nice R package for diagrams
    cowplot ggplot2 extenstion package that is most helpful for combining many different plots into a single figure for publicaiton
    plotly Interactive visualizaitons in R
    ggplotly Plotly for ggplot2
    ggplot2 extensions A sortable/searchable list of many ggplot2 extension packages
  • Resource Description
    dplyr Tools for data manipulation
    tidyr Tools to make your data tidy e.g. columns are variables, rows are observations, cells are values
    stringr Helpful package for working with strings
    forcats Helpful package for working with factors
    lubridate Helpful package for working with dates
  • Resource Description
    readr Reading rectangular data into R
    haven Read data from SPSS, SAS, or Stata into R
    readxl Reading microsoft excel data into R
  • Resource Description
    R Markdown Official R Markdown website
    R Markdown: The Definitive Guide Online book detailing everything you can do with R Markdown
    knitr The package that powers reproducible reporting with R
    bookdown Reproducible books
    blogdown Reproducible static websites/blogs
    pkgdown Reproducible websites designed for R packages
    distill Reproducible reports, websites, or blogs with distill style for technical and scientific writing
    officeverse Reproducible Microsoft Office documents using a different approach to knitr/R Markdown
    rticles Reproducible scientific manuscripts based on various publishing styles (e.g., Elsivier, Sage, Springer, PLOS, etc)
    htmlwidgets Interactive graphics for R markdown documents
  • Resource Description
    R Pubs A free place to publish documents produced in R markdown and share them with a link A free place to publish shiny web appications and share with a link
    netlify A platform that makes it very easy to publish static websites. Free and paid options.
  • Resource Description
    Shiny The official Shiny website
    shinydashboard Shiny dashboards with bootstrap styles
    shinyjs A useful package for extending the shiny framework
    shiny.semantic Shiny with fomantic UI components
    semantic.dashboard Shiny dashboards with fomantic UI
    awesome-shiny--extentions A very comprehensive list of packages/utiliites for customizing/extending Shiny
    Mastering Shiny A guide to creating interactive Shiny applications
  • Resource Description
    DT Put DataTables into R Markdown documents or Shiny apps
    gt Really nice way to create pretty complex publication-ready tables. Works well with the tidyverse
    kableExtra Extends knitr's basic kable() functions to create more complicated tables in HTML and Latex
    flextable Makes reproducible tables for Microsoft Office documents and other kinds of outputs
  • Resource Description
    broom Convert summaries of statistical models into nice, simple tables
    brooo.mixed Does the same thing as broom but can handle mixed models
    Tidymodels A collection of useful packages for developing modeling pipelines and doing many common tasks for modeling, machine learning, and AI

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