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About Ethan

I received my doctorate in 2019 from the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota. Soon after, I flew across the Atlantic to the Netherlands where I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychology at Utrecht University. I am broadly interested in how early life experiences and environments shape cognition, behavior, physiology, and health. More specifically, I study how adverse environments shape mental abilities that are useful under stressful conditions. I also look at how stress across the lifespan impacts stress physiology and biological health outcomes.

About this Site

I built this site to create a semi-permanent place to store my work and ideas. You can find my standard academic content, such as my cv and publications. In my posts section, I document solutions to various problems/challenges I encounter in my research. These usually involve a brief explanation of the topic and some R-code I wrote to address it. I primarily write them for “future me”; I like having a place to revisit problems, borrow code, and remember what “past-me” was thinking.

This site was built using Hugo, blogdown, and UIkit. Hugo is a programming language for making static websites and takes adantage of a templating ecosystem. Blogdown is a wonderful R-package for using R markdown and Hugo together to make websites/blogs. The advantage of blogdown is that you can incorporate and run R-code to dynamically create pages and content. UIkit is an open source front-end library of pre-built tools and web components. I adapted the UIkit theme to my taste. The source code for the site can be found on github.

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