Ethan S. Young, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher at Utrecht University
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Recent Work

First Authored Publications


Young et al. (under review)

Ethan S. Young, Willem E. Frankenhuis, Danielle J. DelPriore, & Bruce J. Ellis

Hidden talents in context: Can ecologically relevant stimuli improve cognitive performance among adversity-exposed youth?


Young et al. (2020)

Ethan S. Young, Willem E. Frankenhuis, & Bruce J. Ellis

Theory and measurement of environmental unpredictability.

Co-authored Publications


Doom et al. (revise & resubmit)

Jenalee R. Doom, Ethan S. Young, Allison K. Farrell, Elizabeth A. Carlson, Michelle M. Englund, Glenn I. Roisman, & Jeffry A. Simpson

Behavioral, cognitive, and socioemotional pathways from early childhood adversity to BMI: Evidence from two prospective longitudinal cohorts.


Frankenhuis et al. (2020)

Willem E. Frankenhuis, Ethan S. Young, & Bruce J. Ellis

The hidden talents approach: Theoretical and methodological challenges.

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